Project Scope

Are you interested in a loft conversion, house extension, or both?

what is the primary purpose of the project? (e.g. additional living space, home office, bedroom, etc.)

Planning Permission

Have you already obtained planning permission for the project?

Are you aware of any restrictions or limitations for your property regarding extensions or loft conversions?


When would you like to start the project?

Is there a specific deadline or timeframe you have in mind for completion?

Architectural Preferences

Do you have a specific design preference or architectural style in mind for the extension or conversion?

Architectural and Structural Plans

have you already obtained architectural and structural drawings for your loft conversion or house extension project, or are you in the process of developing them?

If you have the drawings, could you please provide a brief overview or share them for our initial review

If you don't have them yet, are you planning to engage with an architect or structural engineer to create these plans?

Structural Considerations

Have you had any structural assessments done on your property recently?

Are there any known structural issues with your property?

Neighbourhood and Local Regulations

Are there any specific regulations in your neighbourhood or local area that need to be considered for the project?

Previous Renovations

Have you previously done any renovations or extensions to your property?

Utilities and Services

Are there any utilities or services that may be affected by the construction work?

Additional Considerations

Do you have any specific concerns or considerations for the project that you would like the contractor to address?

Are there are specific features or requirements you would like to include in the project?

Contact Details